Communications - Tim Tuller

Highlight: Tim Tuller, Canon for Music at St. John's Cathedral, Jacksonville

Tim Tuller's first musical memory is of church organ chimes from a church across the street.  From that moment on, he was attracted to organ music. He did not know then as small child that this love of music would eventually lead him to become a Canon of Music for St. John's Cathedral in Jacksonville, Florida, and to later bring his 40-person choir to Ely Cathedral, Canterbury Cathedral and Westminster Abbey in England as choir in residence.

When Tim was 5-years-old, his grandmother would take him to a church every Wednesday where they played "praise music." Because of his interest in organ music, he began taking organ lessons in his home at the age of 7, and when his teacher retired when he was 14, his family took him to an organ store where he began taking lessons from Julliard-trained music teacher, Michael Shaw. Tim gradually took on more complex music and in the Fall of 1991, at the age of 16, Tim began subbing more and more often in Episcopal Churches.

Tim's formal education includes attending Ithica College as a physics engineer major and then - no huge surprise here - he switched his major to music.  After graduating summa cum laude from Ithica College, he attended graduate school at the Cleveland Institute of Music where he earned his Masters of Music degree and received the valedictory prize. While there, he studied under well-reputed musician Todd Wilson. Tim also interned at Christ Church Shaker Heights where he learned about liturgical seasons and formed a solid foundation of Episcopal music.

He was hired for a music position at the University of the South and Seminary in Suwannee, Tennessee, where he worked with Robbie Delcamp, the Director of Music there. Says Tim, "My three years at the University of the South made me an Episcopal musician." It was there that he became accomplished at liturgical planning and he absorbed anything and everything.  Tim thinks of this as a valuable experience.

Next, Tim worked in Birmingham, Alabama at a church located in the wealthy enclave of Mountain Brooks. He worked there under very formal, very strict circumstances and soon, he began searching for another job. In October 2006, then Dean of St. John's Cathedral, Jacksonville, The Very Rev. Edward Harrison, invited Tim to visit Jacksonville to audition on a Monday. Tim was hired on the following Wednesday. By 2007, Tim began serving as Canon of Music there.

Since then, Tim has continued former Cathedral Music Director John Barry's tradition of building an annual schedule of quality music for church services. Tim considers his main contribution to the St. John's Cathedral music program to be expanding the choir's repertoire and expanding the music library. He built his music program on a tradition of playing and singing the highest quality classical music.

Tim firmly believes that Episcopal music is the most sacred music in the world, and the music that is performed at St. John's Cathedral reflects that belief. He plans many more trips across the globe with the Cathedral's choir to perform sacred music in historic venues.