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  • Bullock Fund for Youth Development and Scholarships

    A fund for youth scholarships in honor and memory of Fr. Stanley Bullock - initiated with $50,000 given in his honor by the Arthur Vining Davis Foundation - provides funds for children in financial need for weeklong summer camp experiences.

  • Artistic Leadership at Good Shepherd - Meet International Artist John Bunker

    “I have been involved in The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd rather intensely for the past ten years. I have also served on the Riverside Fine Arts Board for 20 years and have just fallen off,” says international artist John Bunker, “ In fact, my name is still listed as a past board member as of this conversation. I love The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd for the visual art and music that we bring in for our community.”

  • The Afghan and Shawl Ministry at St. Thomas, Palm Coast

    “The Afghan and Shawl Ministry at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Palm Coast is a beautiful ministry,” says The Reverend Dr. W. Frank Hull IV, the church’s recently retired Priest. “I have taken these shawls into hospitals and put them directly on patients shoulders. Each patient’s eyes light up and fill with tears when they receive the afghans or shawls.” I tell them, “This blanket is covering you as Christ would and we’re praying for you. This is one aspect our church’s popular prayer vigils.”

  • Bishop's Institute Book Review: Heirs to Forgotten Kingdoms

    We in the West are no strangers to news surrounding the Middle East. Islam, terrorism, war, Al Qaeda, and ISIS: All have captured headlines for decades and caused anxiety and fear for Europeans and Americans alike. Such anxiety is justified, as terrorist groups from the Middle East have shaken the fabric of Europe and America, and today’s brand, known as ISIS or “Islamic State,” is arguably the biggest threat of all.