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Our Mission

The purpose of the Bishop's Institute is to offer quality education at the local level for the training of priests, deacons and lay leaders and to provide continuing education for both clergy and laity. It plans also to provide educational resources for parishes within the Diocese to be of assistance to them in developing their various ministries and educational offerings within the parish.

In addition, the Institute will offer and promote retreats, speaker events and forums that bring outstanding speakers from the wider Church and from many different backgrounds here to our Diocese. Within the Episcopal Church at large, educational institutes on the diocesan scale tend to follow one of two models. Firstly, there are a few dioceses that have especially good institutes concentrating on ordination preparation or the development of lay leadership. Other dioceses have programs that primarily offer outstanding speaker forums and events. Our goal for the new Bishop's Institute is to endeavor to offer and combine features of both models.  


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      The Rev. Cn. Dr. H. Douglas Dupree, Rector                             Gray Hodsdon, Intern

Calendar of Upcoming Events

May 8-11 - The Episcopal Center

College for Preachers

Not only does the craft of preaching take practice, but it takes seasoned instruction, excellent examples, and feedback that is both honest and informed. Clergy in the Diocese of Florida have the opportunity to receive all three at the first College for Preachers conference. The conference can accommodate a maximum of 16 participants. More information on this event, including cost, can be found below.

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May 12-13 - The Episcopal Center

Children's Christian Formation

Lay Leadership Workshop 4: Whether you are in a large church or a small church, consider attending this conference where you will hear from locals who are experienced in children's ministry and participate in small group discussion with others in churches like yours who also strive to serve Christ through spiritual formation among our children.

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June 9-10 - The Episcopal Center

Building a Solid Foundation for Lay Pastoral Care Ministry

Lay Leadership Workshop 5: Deacon Marsha Holmes, along with members of the pastoral care team at Christ Church, Ponte Vedra, will lead a workshop on lay pastoral care. This two-day workshop will feature multiple sessions and mini workshops, focusing on "What is Pastoral Care? Why is it important" as well as topics such as Active Listening, Healthy Boundaries, Confidentiality & Trust, and Active Insights, among others.

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September 29-October 1 - The Episcopal Center

'The Book of John'

A retreat on the Gospel of John, led by Rev. Earl Palmer of Earl Palmer Ministries in Seattle, WA. Earl Palmer has been an annual retreat leader for the Diocese of Flordia, presenting on C.S. Lewis in 2015 and Dietrich Bonhoeffer in 2017.

October 13-15 - The Episcopal Center

Christian Wellness Retreat

Led by Michell Carew-Bessette and facilitated by The Rev. Cn. Allison DeFoor, this retreat will focus on how our physical wellness relates to our spiritual health, with specific emphasis on practices such as Christian yoga.

October 22, 6 p.m. - St. John's Cathedral, Jacksonville

Singing the Reformation

A Diocesan Hymn-fest led by The Rev. Dr. Carl Daw and organized by Canon Tim Tuller (St. John's Cathedral) and Mr. James Holyer (St. Mark's, Jacksonville) to mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. All of our church choirs are invited to participate. 

Dietirch Bonhoeffer: A Weekend with Earl Palmer — Video Lectures

The distinguished author, preacher and scholar Earl Palmer presented this series of lectures over the course of the weekend of September 23-25, 2016. Videos of each session as well as the sermon at the Holy Eucharist can beviewed via the following links:

Session 1:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jba89QxZEvQ

Session 2:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hspHpRxqfRo

Session 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlQ4Kn6Jm2k

Session 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVyLBccfPFM

Sermon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dw1xSBmAKmQ