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Wounded Warriors Family Day at Camp Weed

Wounded Warrior Family Day at Camp Weed is an annual Diocesan-sponsored event. The purpose of this weekend retreat for wounded military veterans and their families is to connect, or re-connect, with their spirituality and each other while experiencing nature. This weekend also gives the Episcopal Diocese of Florida the opportunity to thank these brave military veterans for their service to our country.
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Fearless Faith: Boundless Love Revival - Sunday, September 17, 2017

This special Sunday begins with a service from 10am to noon at Good Shepherd Church (780 Pennick Road, Pennick, GA 31525) which was home to Deaconess Anna Alexander, a Saint in Georgia. In the late afternoon, participants will gather under a large tent on the grounds of Honey Creek Retreat Center (299 Georgia Episcopal Center Road, Waverly, GA 31565) where The Most Rev. Michael B. Curry, Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, will share his message of love and renewal.
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Evangelism & Growth Initiative Web Page

For updates about the Evangelism and Growth Initiative from Canon Aaron Smith click below.
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Grace Mission Volunteer is Granted a Full Scholarship at Local College

Rhonda Donaldson is a tall, slim elegant woman. The kind of woman one would expect to see with the Tallahassee “ladies who lunch.” Instead, she spends her time as a volunteer for Grace Mission Tallahassee. I met Rhonda during a recent trip to Tallahassee to visit Grace Mission during its once-a-month clothes give-away.
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A Celebration of Sue Carmichael as she retires from St. Mary's, Jacksonville

On Sunday, July 23, 2017, the Episcopal Diocese of Florida held a retirement celebration for outgoing Lay Missioner Sue Carmichael, who had served as spiritual leader of the St. Mary’s Episcopal Church for 35 years.
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Human interest stories around the Diocese

Engaging with Evangelism: by The Rev. Cn. Aaron Smith; Doug Walker, Bishop's Deputy for Advancement & Stewardship and Executive Director of Diocesan Foundation Talks About Stewardship; Bishop's Institute Lay Leadership Workshop on Children's Christian Formation; Book Reviews by Owene Courtney and Keyser Family Celebrations at Church of the Good Shepherd.
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Diocesan Council Restructure

A Diocesan Council Restructure Plan developed by Bill Erwin and Jeff Hoffman, past vice-chairs of the Diocesan Council was accepted by the council at its January 2017 meeting. Prayerful and thoughtful consideration was given to the purpose of the Diocesan Council and its role as overseer of the business affairs of the Diocese and acting as the governing body of the diocese in between conventions. To begin the restructuring process our 2017 Diocesan Convention enacted structural changes to diocesan council by making changes to several diocesan canons.
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