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Bishop Howard's Message on Election of Michael Curry as 27th Presiding Bishop

"Presiding Bishop-elect Michael Curry and I have been friends for over twenty years. We have worked closely in the House of Bishops and the wider church. I am glad to have had him as our Preacher at the 2009 Convention of the Diocese of Florida. I am delighted that Bishop Curry has been elected as the 27th Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church..."
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The Rev. Dave Killeen's reflection on General Convention

Fr. Dave Killeen, Rector of St. John's Episcopal Church in St. John's, Tallahassee, has written "Living Waters," his reflection of time spent at General Convention and "the start of a new chapter of growth and vitality in the Episcopal Church."
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The 78th General Convention of The Episcopal Church is now in full-swing! The diocese will offer updates on the Presiding Bishop election, legislative sessions and various meetings. Be sure to check the diocesan General Convention microsite for all the news you need to know!
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Daily update for Thursday, July 2

Highlights include: Daily Eucharist, Resolutions voting results, House of Bishops statements, including the Minority Statement by bishops dissenting from General Convention Marriage resolution vote, which Bishop Howard signed and the resulting Communion Across Difference.
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Mark your Calendars for Gala Cubana!

In honor of celebrating the 29th year of our relationship with the Diocese of Cuba, the Cuba Committee of the Diocese of Florida is hosting Gala Cubana! The guest of honor is Bishop Griselda. The event will benefit the 32 priests in the Episocpal Diocese of Cuba. Come early for Salsa lessons and stay for the cuban food!
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Cards and letters needed for August Wounded Warrior Retreat

Each year the Diocese of Florida hosts two Wounded Warrior Retreats for our heroes. The upcoming August Retreat takes place August 14 - 16th at The Episcopal Center. Once again we are asking for cards and letters to be sent to these warriors expressing gratitude. The deadline is August 3rd at the Diocesan office. The list of names is in the link below. Thank you!
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